Can Bad News conceal Good News?

Easter Sunday Update - Can Bad News conceal Good News?

I had hoped to get the latest Quarter Notes newsletter completed & posted by today, but an unexpected complication has arisen.

One topic I wanted to discuss in the TTSB update section was – Can Bad News conceal Good News?

In my case, the bad news is that at 5:30 AM tomorrow (Monday, April 5), I have to be at the hospital for a five-hour (!) surgery to address my Spinal Stenosis. The three surgery procedures will be Laminectomy, Forminotomy, & Spinal Fusion.

About two years ago, I started having balance problems, which have steadily increased. I was referred to a Neurosurgeon who ran several MRIs. Turns out that the reason I was having balance issues was that the vertebrae in my neck were pinching the spinal cord (fortunately, no pain). This action was delaying the communication between my brain & the muscles that were supposed to be getting corrective messages, but too late if at all.

Wow - I had never heard of this condition, but apparently it isn't all that uncommon.

The medical team cautions me to not lift anything over 10 lbs. after the surgery, and to stay away from any physical activity for at least three months, if not longer. The actual complete healing time period is projected to be about a year.

Naturally - my office & RoomPlay Reference demo room are in another building…

Enough of the Bad News!!!

In 2008 I was in a bad car accident. Among the many issues, my back was broken. I was confined to a lengthy healing time period after the surgery.

Some of my clients contacted me and said – in general – "Hey Jim, why don't you write that book you said was needed so badly?" And so I did – Get Better Sound. There was really little else that I could do.

I an actually a bit excited about seeing TTSB jump ahead during this time period, at least the earlier part of the time period, as it should be enough to to get this unbelievably deleted project completed.

Today, I spent time getting my laptop up to speed since I can't work on my desktop – can't even walk over here (the office) for some time.

And that is how Bad News may even be Good News in some instances!!!



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