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Quarter Notes #22

Updated: Sep 2, 2020

Dear Get Better Sound & Through the Sound Barrier owners,

Welcome to the twenty-second issue of Quarter Notes, published on February 10, 2018. Quarter Notes is a free newsletter for Get Better Sound and Through the Sound Barrier owners, expanding on both, as well as introducing new and timely subjects.


Delay since last issue

It's been about 9 months(!) since the last Quarter Notes newsletter. I had planned to do another in August or so, but then some new developments with Through the Sound Barrier arose, and I had to push the QNs newsletter - as well as other commitments such as the Copper e-mag articles and a number of RoomPlay system/room voicing sessions - back a bit. This is discussed in the latest (brief) Breaking Though podcast (link below).

Also, you will notice that this IS the Quarter Notes newsletter - no link to a page on the GBS website. I will get that done later - not able to take the time just now.


Re: mass loading from last issue

The mass loading topic from the last QNs newsletter received a lot of comments and questions. It didn't end there for me, either. As time passed, I tried even less mass loading, even back to none at all. What I found was interesting & informative.

While there is a noticeable improvement with some type of loading, it seems that there is definitely an optimum weight, and the only way to arrive at it is to listen. In other words, what works for another system may not work as well for yours. I ended up reducing the weight by another third or so to ultimately arrive at the optimum performance. The sound is even more dynamic, effortless & pure. More importantly, the musical engagement factor has gone up noticeably.

I also found that the speaker-to-mass-loading weight ratio of my Tannoy Canterburys was different than my REL 212 SE subs. In my specific case, the RELs seemed to prefer a higher percentage of damping as compared to the Tannoys.


Uptone Audio ISO REGEN

Some time back, I wrote about the positive benefits of the affordable-but-high-performance Uptone Audio REGEN when employing a USB cable in between my computer and my DAC. Recently, there has been a lot of discussion on various audio forums about the new ISO REGEN. It interested me, so I contacted Alex Crespi (great guy that I have known for sometime - a true man of integrity) at Uptone about trying it out, as well as their LPS-1 power supply.

Since there has been so much written about these products, all I will say is that I bought them and cannot imagine being without them. A nice increase in performance for a relatively small price. What's not to like?


PS Audio Direct Stream DAC & Memory Player

PS audio's Bill Leebens (another top class audio guy), recently sent me the PS Audio Direct Stream DAC & Memory Player to audition. Hey Bill, finders keepers!!! :)

Having heard and worked with some of the top digital gear out there - including rigs that sell in the six figure price range - over 10 times the PS Audio's price(!) - the PS Audio combo easily holds its own. Honestly speaking, the performance difference between the PSA and many other much higher priced set-ups is not that great, and in some cases, the PSA is better, IMO.

Then, add in the FREE updates - that you can easily do yourself - and it's a relative no-brainer.

And did I say that it is imminently involving musically?


No Copper articles for a while – until TTSB is completed.

As mentioned above - and in the accompanying Breaking Through Podcast - I have abstained from further contributions to Copper e-mag until the TTSB project is completed. This is a great—and free—bi-weekly magazine about audio, music, and much more. The 50th issue is available now.


Breaking Through podcasts

In addition to the free Quarter Notes newsletters, you also receive the free Breaking Through podcasts. The twelfth installment of the Breaking Through podcast is brief (about 16 minutes), but well worth the listen, if we do say so ourselves. This time Randall and I focus exclusively on Through the Sound Barrier updates, and I have a couple of important announcements to make. I also need and request your feedback concerning a video format question.


That's all, folks.

Keep on listening!

Questions or comments?

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