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Through the Sound Barrier

In early 2013, Jim launched a Kickstarter campaign to fund his next project: Through the Sound Barrier. Building on the fundamentals of Get Better SoundThrough the Sound Barrier makes the case for a far higher level of musical involvement from our audio systems. Of course, it doesn’t just make the case; it explains how to get there.

Through the Sound Barrier is a two-book set, a DVD, and three very special CDs. It's really an audiophile’s toolkit. With it, we are going to realize another level of musical enjoyment, one that you most likely have not experienced much – except maybe at live concerts.

In the time since the close of the successful fundraising campaign, Jim has been writing, editing, and working with record industry folks to bring this project to life for audiophiles everywhere. And audiophiles continue to ask to become part of the project, long after the campaign's close.

Through the Sound Barrier is on its way. That said, we aren't quite ready to offer a pre-order for those who missed the campaign: we are committed to delivering TTSB first to those who backed the Kickstarter campaign. If you'd like to join the hundreds of people who have backed the creation of Through the Sound Barrierclick here to send Jim a note expressing your interest in purchasing TTSB when it is available.

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