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RoomPlay Reference™


I realized that, in order to establish a known reference for audiophiles, they needed to hear a system that addresses the common issues that audiophiles face daily. There’s only one place where I hear all of the notes reproduced correctly with all of the soundstage, presence, tone, dynamics and musical involvement presented properly. That’s on my own system, in my listening room. Industry vets and advanced audiophiles who’ve experienced this system unanimously agree.

I’ve always carried those same sounds in my head, as a reference when voicing a system (including both RoomPlay™ engagements, and setting up for shows).

Find Out What You're Missing

And now you can carry them as well, and use them to move your system to an entirely different level, with a service designed to help you establish a rock-solid reference. I call it RoomPlay Reference™.

For what it's worth, my goal has been that my personal system not be priced in the super stratosphere, but be priced at or below other “typical” high-end systems. After all, it’s about the set-up in the room, not the components. I’ve achieved similar results (written about on the Internet) with other components in the same room.


RoomPlay Reference™ visitors to my listening room sit in the hot seat, and we listen together. But this is a no-excuse demo. No excuses for the bass, presence, soundstaging, tonality, dynamics, musical involvement, etc. No excuses.


Although I obviously have thousands of cuts I could play, during our reference session, I’ll be focusing on "The RoomPlay 48," the selections that I choose to play depending on the outcome of our demos, and your reactions and needs for your system. Each cut will be evaluated as to its relevance and how it can be used as a reference cut in your own system. We will focus on these cuts in a way that will burn into your consciousness how they sounded and why they sound the way they do.


At seminars, I often ask attendees this question: "Do you remember how a concert can affect your emotions, so that it’s not uncommon to feel its effects the next day, even at work?" Most will agree that they have had that experience. Then, when I ask them how often have they experienced it the next day after a listening session at home, all I get is blank stares. I’m not sure they really believe me when I tell them they deserve that experience and that it is possible.


In fact, voicing a system with a goal to deliver that effect is what I call the Art of the Possible. You should still feel the effects of the listening session the next day. You certainly will after a RoomPlay Reference™ session. In fact, a recent visitor, not an audiophile, someone who is very musically sensitive, said, as she was leaving the demo room to go back downstairs, “I feel like I’m leaving a musical sanctuary.”


If we can escape the mechanical aspects of music listening and move into another realm, then we finally have something. Yes, there are always some technical issues to be resolved, but once they are handled, what remains is the music. I cannot think of a simpler way of saying this - it’s the audio equivalent of hard-wiring your ears to your heart.

Standards to Go

Make Those Standards to Go

I guarantee that you will carry this sound with you when you get back home. It will serve as a reference. But it can only be a true reference if you have it to play on your system, so that you can compare what is possible with what you are hearing.

That is why you’ll receive the CD cuts we used - exactly the same source material used in your RoomPlay Reference™ demos & in my RoomPlay™ voicing sessions. These CDs are burned on the same digital system that I use for demos and voicing. The CDs are the property of Quarter Note Press, made available to you as a courtesy loan during the 90-day access period.

Having listened to and discussed what to listen for with each cut, you can play them back at home. Now you’ll have a real reference.

Keep Talking

Keep the Conversation Going

Your RoomPlay Reference™ session also includes 90 days of phone or e-mail access to discuss what you are hearing and how to overcome certain issues that you will discover. With what you learn during the listening session, and in follow-up discussions, your system will reach a whole new level.

Pricing, and Paying It Forward

RoomPlay Reference™ session (about 3-4 hours) is $370, including the session, the training, and 90-days access via phone or e-mail.


And get this: should you later decide to engage my services for a RoomPlay™ voicing on your own system, the $370 you've already paid for RoomPlay Reference™ will be credited toward the cost of the RoomPlay™ session, as long as it is booked (not necessarily performed) within 180 days of our RoomPlay Reference™ session.


So if you are already leaning towards a RoomPlay™ session, essentially the RoomPlay Reference™ fee is free!

Sound good? Then use the Contact link at the bottom of this page to discuss next steps with Jim.


Comments & Testimonials

I’ve been pursuing this hobby for about 35 years. The improvements I’ve gotten with equipment upgrades through the years have all been good, but just incrementally better. Yesterday really gives me hope of taking things to a whole new level.

— W. T., Alabama

...Monday’s RoomPlay Reference™ session was one of the top three audio experiences of my life. (the other two were intimate live concerts.)


I had three goals, going in. #1 was to better understand what I should be listening for. #2, I wanted an opportunity to hear "what great sounds like," truly benchmarking my reference. And #3, I wanted to pick up some insights into a roadmap I’m building for a new ground-up system.


You absolutely hit all three goals right out of the park!


I think a RoomPlay Reference™ session is one of the very best values in hifi. I could not recommend it more highly.


— M. O., Georgia

Many thanks Jim for a rich and rewarding session!  I learned a lot and very much appreciated expanding my musical horizons as well.  I have a number of questions and will send them along as soon as I process a bit.


It is certainly clear to me that there is so much more contained in my cd collection that I have never really heard before and that the quest for hi-res and multi-channel is not where most listeners should be putting their energies (and money).  There is a whole world of music on my shelves waiting for the right room conditions to emerge!!


...As you can tell, I was blown away by listening in your room… I have 'seen the light' (or heard it as the case may be.)


— S. K., Rhode Island

Hi, Jim.

I just wanted to write and say again how much I enjoyed seeing you, and how much I learned. My brain was on overload on the way back. It seemed so surreal, going there and back in 24 hours and listening and learning so much from you. Your generosity and willingness to spend the time and share your expertise was heartwarming, and meaningful. Thanks again so much!

BTW, you were right - I checked when I got back and the Quads are sitting with the center of the speakers ~6-9 inches down from my ears. Even with the spikes added and the weight, they’d be a minimum 4-5 inches down, and maybe still 6-7 inches down. So this is job one.

After I raise and forward-tilt them, I’ll work with moving them closer together and play more with toe, then see what moving them forward on the toed axis reveals, to see if I can’t get more of the 'you are there' sense I felt in your room.

Once again, thank you hardly seems adequate. Take good care and stay well. Looking forward to talking with you again…

— J. B., Virginia

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