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Get your own copy of the reference set-up manual that guarantees better sound from your home audio system! Never sold in bookstores. As a free bonus, all book purchasers will be subscribed to Quarter Notes, our acclaimed online newsletter, and will receive complimentary access to all QN back issues.

Ordering Notes:

Note: all prices are listed in US dollars.


Online Payment Notes:

Quarter Note Press uses PayPal to process orders and payment. You do not need a PayPal account to place an order, however. When you click on the Purchase button, you'll be taken to a secure transaction page where you will have the option to pay using either your credit card or your PayPal account (if you have one). The charge on your credit card or PayPal account will appear as "Quarter Note/Paypal."


You can also place your order by phone, by calling 1-770-777-2095.

Shipping Details:

  • US shipping via Media Mail (US $3.95 per Get Better Sound book)

  • International, Canada, and Mexico pricing set by the US Postal Service

  • Canada & Mexico shipping via First Class International Mail (US $25.95 per Get Better Sound book)

  • International shipping via First Class International Mail (US $29.95 per Get Better Sound book)

  • Orders are shipped within two business days of receipt.

  • For shipping larger quantities, please email Jim at


This service is designed to offer individualized telephone assistance. Please note that, while Jim is biased in your favor, he cannot recommend specific brands over others. This is about making what you already have – or plan to have - perform at a higher level. For more information, see the StraightTalk page here.

StraightTalk telephone consultation - 30 minutes

RoomPlay™ and RoomPlay Reference™ Sessions

If the concept of a RoomPlay™ or RoomPlay Reference™ session is appealing, the simplest thing is to use the Contact link at the bottom of this page to connect with Jim, so that you can both explore the possibility.


You can also just click here.


Booking a session requires a 35% deposit for the projected dates. There are numerous ways to make that deposit, and Jim will discuss the various options with you.

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