Does Your Hi-Fi System Play the Room?

RoomPlay™ is Jim’s custom voicing service. Jim has two main goals when it comes to improving his clients’ audio systems:

  1. Move their music systems to another level of performance and involvement without replacing one single component.

  2. The system improvement should be by far the biggest they have ever experienced— well beyond that obtained by replacing any electronics or cables (regardless of expense).


So imagine that your listening room has no walls, no ceilings, and no speakers. The musicians have assembled to play a special concert just for you in that space.


It can be so powerful that you even feel the emotional impact of the music the next day, as if you’d attended a live concert. Jim calls this phenomenon “playing the room.” Hence, RoomPlay™.

A $10,000 audio system properly playing the room is vastly superior to a $100,000 system that isn't. If you have made a significant investment in your system, doesn't it make sense to finally hear what you paid for?

My initial thought as I sat there listening was "I don't hear the room anymore." We had amazing depth, nuances in songs were jumping out where before they were hidden. We had pinpoint imaging and vocals were the right size. We also had layering and layering in terms of soundstage. Jim's efforts produced sonic improvements greater than any new amp, preamp, cable, DAC, etc. COMBINED.

Hiring Jim Smith was the best money I have ever spent in high end audio. The investment you make in Jim pales in comparison to the money we spend on a pair of speaker cables or new interconnects. 

I HIGHLY RECOMMEND you invest in a proper setup by Jim Smith. You won't know just how good your system can be until you do. That, I can guarantee.

— Mike Bovaird

Who is the Typical RoomPlay™ Client?

You might be a RoomPlay™ client if you are:

  • Someone who wants to extract far higher performance from his or her existing system.

  • Someone who has had little or no voicing assistance, and who is more often than not time-poor. While they want to move their system to the next level, preferably someone else will come in and get it done.

  • Someone who has finally realized that throwing more money at yet another highly reviewed component will be money wasted, at least until the system’s foundation is built.


What Happens During a RoomPlay™ Session?

First, you should know that a RoomPlay™ session is intensive work, not a fun time to chat. The end result will be greatly increased enjoyment and musical satisfaction, but the path to get there is serious work. For Jim, the sessions are physically, mentally, and even emotionally exhausting. It's a bit like getting a room ready for an audio show.

That's why Jim requires the client to be present during the entire session. The idea is not only to dramatically improve the client's system, but also to show the client how to do it should the occasion arise in the future.


The RoomPlay™ Satisfaction Guarantee

The whole point of a RoomPlay™ session is to completely transcend the performance gains that audiophiles get when they spend money on electronics or cables. As Jim puts it: “Addressing how electrons flow through circuits or wires is minor when compared to addressing the acoustic wave launch into your room and how you receive it at your listening seat.”

Therefore, Jim guarantees that you will have never experienced a similar improvement with the addition of any electronics or cables, no matter how expensive. If you disagree that the RoomPlay™ session brings you the level of musical involvement promised, then you set the price that you think is fair for Jim’s services. He wants you to be satisfied, period.

Pricing and Booking a RoomPlay™ Session

Due to the fact that every system is different, with different requirements (for example, some may be in Jim's local area, and some may be in Hawaii or Canada) there can be no one-size-fits-all pricing. If the concept of a RoomPlay™ session is appealing, the simplest thing is to use the Contact link at the top of this page to connect with Jim, so that you can both explore the possibility.


After initial contact has been made, Jim will request some images of your listening area. Sometimes this is not an option for some clients, so the next step – with or without images and/or a room drawing - is a phone conversation. Jim will want to know about your system, your room, your assessment of the system’s performance in the room, and your expectations.


Some of the time, having seen the images and discussed the project, Jim advises against going further, because there are too many obstacles or a lack of flexibility in set-up. He wants to be certain that if he takes on a project, the results will be dramatic for the client.


No session is booked without a 35% deposit for the projected dates. There are numerous ways to make that deposit, and Jim will discuss the various options with you.

And after your RoomPlay™ Session…

RoomPlay™ clients often get more excited about their systems than they have been previously. So they have questions. The price of the RoomPlay™ session includes free consultations by phone or e-mail for 12 months following the session.


I am AMAZED at the amount of musical information that is on my favorite music that I just didn't know was there. I have smiled many times in my music room. 

— Client in Houston, TX

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