Quarter Notes #8 (Volume 2, Issue 4)

Updated: Sep 2, 2020

Dear Get Better Sound readers,

Welcome to the eighth issue of Quarter Notes!

Guess I never thought about how many of these I’d do, but as long as new ideas keep surfacing, new insights into old ideas keep popping up, reviewers and/or manufacturers have something relevant to say to us, and your questions and comments keep coming, it’s worth doing. Your comments and questions are important to me, so don’t hold back!

Quarter Notes is a quarterly newsletter for Get Better Sound readers, expanding on the Get Better Sound manual, as well as introducing new and timely subjects.

For the new part, we’ll take a glance at room eq systems, with a brief story about my first experience with it, how far away from our speakers should we sit – including how far is too far, fuses as tweaks (yes, I said fuses), sliders, etc.

For the expansion part, we’ll be looking yet again at speaker separation, subwoofers, computer audio/absolute polarity, rack placement yet again(!), etc.

In the something-old-and-something-new part, I have an important DVD update, and a new product – well, at least a new name for a product - and a brief story that describes some unexpected results.

We’ll get the two shameless capitalist something-old-and-something-new announcements out of the way first.

Don’t forget, you are invited to e-mail me with your questions and comments.  If appropriate, and with your approval, I may include your note – or a reply to it – in an upcoming newsletter. I get so many e-mails, it’s hard to always be prompt, but I generally respond within 24 hours and often much less, if only as an acknowledgment that I received your e-mail.

Best e-mail address

Since you’re reading this, the e-mail address that I used to notify you must have worked.  However, the only e-mail address I have is the one associated with your initial Get Better Sound order.

If you have an e-mail address that you’d prefer to use to receive Quarter Notes notifications, send it to js@getbettersound.com. Be sure to list the month of purchase (if possible), and definitely include the e-mail address I used originally along with the one that you want to use to replace it.

Get Better Sound DVD ships to us next week!

What a project! As I’ve said in letters to some of the Early Adopters, this has been one of those "If I had only known..." projects. Finally, the post-production and art-work has been completed.

The major delay was the post-production work required for three DVDs with 128 chapters. As it ended up, it’s 5 ½ hours and we had to cut it back to get it down to that size.

The whole thing was sent to the manufacturing facility Monday of this week, with a promised ship date (to us or to the order fulfillment house) at the end of next week (March 31 or so). That means we’ll see them begin shipping to purchasers by the end of the following week. We had an unexpectedly large number of Advance Orders, so the shipping may take a week or so to get it done. We’ll ship them in chronological order of purchase date.

I’ll keep the Advance Order price up for another week or so, but when they are shipped, the price goes from $24.95 for Advance Orders to $39.70 for the 3 DVD set. So now is the best time to get them.

We’ll offer a special price to GBS book owners, but it won’t be as low as $24.95. If you want to know more about the DVD, click here - http://getbettersound.com/

Introducing RoomPlay™

From the GBS website homepage:

Does your system "play the room"?

Introducing RoomPlay™ custom voicing.

As Jim has traveled around North America, voicing readers' systems, three things became very obvious:

  1. Audiophiles have standards that are simply too low. They accept much less than they deserve (and much less than they paid to get).

  2. It's not really their fault. They simply don't have a reference for how good their system can be.

  3. Addressing how electrons travel in wire and electronics is one thing—addressing how sound waves are launched into the room and how they are received at the listening seat is far more critical and pays far bigger dividends.

Playing the Room

RoomPlay™ is Jim's custom voicing service.

Imagine that your listening room has no walls, no ceilings, and no speakers. The musicians have assembled to play a special concert, just for you. You feel the emotional impact of the music the next day, as if it had been a live concert.