Quarter Notes #11 (Volume 3, Issue 3)

Updated: Sep 2, 2020

Dear Get Better Sound readers,

Welcome to the eleventh issue of Quarter Notes!

Quarter Notes is a quarterly newsletter for Get Better Sound readers, expanding on the Get Better Sound manual, as well as introducing new and timely subjects. This issue focuses on answering a few of the many questions I receive. I’ve chosen some of the inquiries that should have the most impact. Of course, you’re invited to send more questions. As always, I’ll try to answer them individually, but occasionally I may wish to feature a few of them as I have in this issue.

Of course, this issue is not just about answering questions. Instead of describing everything, why don’t we get started?

Best e-mail address

Since you’re reading this, the e-mail address that I used to notify you must have worked.  However, the only e-mail address I have is the one associated with your initial Get Better Sound order.

If you have an e-mail address that you’d prefer to use to receive Quarter Notes notifications, send it to js@getbettersound.com. Be sure to list the month of purchase (if possible), and definitely include the e-mail address I used originally along with the one that you want to use to replace it.

Half Notes, anyone?

This issue - as well as the last one – is very late. In fact, at this rate, maybe I should change the name from Quarter Notes to Half Notes! Naturally, I have several excuses – you can pick the one that you like best…

As many of you know, from late fall last year and though the spring of 2012, I was almost incapacitated as a string of four(!) separate health issues arose, one after the other. As someone who often goes several years without even catching a cold, this was something of an awakening.

But hopefully, that is all history now, as I’m back in good health, and traveling around North America performing RoomPlay Sessions, as well as hosting a number of RoomPlay Reference sessions here.

So I could blame this second late-issue-in-a-row exclusively on my health, but hey, I’ve got more!

I admit to being distracted with another project. It’s a combination of a new book and a couple of CDs. You could say it’s sort of a voicing kit, but with much more useful info as well. It’s all about taking audiophiles to the next step. When I wrote Get Better Sound four years ago, I was unaware of the need for this audiophile toolkit.

It was only after traveling around, voicing systems and answering thousands of e-mails that I noticed a consistent trend that I hadn’t known even existed. So I decided to see what I could do to strengthen the ear/heart connection when listening to music.

It consists of the info I found that audiophiles still needed, and includes a couple of CDs full of music to use as voicing tools, along with the instruction section. The primary hold up (and expense) now is licensing the various cuts.

Here is the working title for the book/cd kit. Of course, it’s subject to change… :)

Finally, I’ve been waiting for a while for an article promised by a knowledgeable reviewer, but decided not to wait any longer. Maybe next issue…

RoomPlay Update

Last fall, when I had to stop traveling, I had around twenty(!) RoomPlay sessions booked/pending. Then, during the winter and spring, I received even more applications/serious statements of interest.

As of the end of this August in 2012, I will have successfully completed nearly 75% of those sessions! So we are almost back on track. If you have interest, let me know so we can get it scheduled.

Of course, sometimes the obstacles to getting the job done satisfactorily are sufficient to preclude my taking the project. As always, we will discuss your situation and see if it makes sense to do it.

RoomPlay Reference Update

The response to this service has been stronger than I expected. I guess the notion of finally having a reference is appealing. The cost includes the session, and the reference cuts made available to the client, as well as the expense being credited in full in cases where the Reference client wishes to have a RoomPlay session.

New – StraightTalk

Some time ago, I realized that I could not take every call and answer each e-mail in detail. So far, I’ve tried to stay relatively current with communications.

At the suggestion of a trusted advisor, I’m offering a new service that is designed to offer individualized telephone assistance. Please note that, while I am biased in your favor, I cannot recommend specific brands over others. This is about making what you already have – or plan to have - perform at a higher level. It’s called StraightTalk.

Here is how it works:

Simply go to the Store page on the GBS website - http://getbettersound.com/

You can use a credit card or PayPal. You will note that the charge is USD $30 for 25 minutes. When I receive your payment, I will send you an e-mail to set up a time to talk. Unless I am out of the office on a RoomPlay session, you’ll get an e-mail within 8 hours or so. Usually much less.