Quarter Notes #14 (Volume 4, Issue 2)

Updated: Sep 2, 2020

Dear Get Better Sound & Through the Sound Barrier owners,

Welcome to the fourteenth issue of Quarter Notes, published on April 11, 2014. Quarter Notes is a newsletter for Get Better Sound and Through the Sound Barrier owners, expanding on both, as well as introducing new and timely subjects.

Best email address

Since you’re reading this, the e-mail address with which I sent this QN must have worked. However, the only e-mail address I have is the one associated with your initial Get Better Sound or Through the Sound Barrier order. If you have an e-mail address that you’d prefer to use to receive Quarter Notes notifications, send it to js@getbettersound.com. Be sure to include the e-mail address I used originally, along with the one that you want to use to replace it.

Finding old newsletters and receiving new notifications

A regular reader writes:

…I wanted to check what the latest issue number was - it seems to me that it has been awhile (Note, I routinely check my spam folder.). Finally, while I do save each newsletter, I was wondering if you have an archive link? It would be nice if I could just check in from time to time for each new issue rather than interrupting you with these inquires. An added benefit would be the sorting of each issue which would be vastly better than my abilities in archiving each issue.

FWIW - I am working on making the QNs more intuitively accessible - concurrent with a (badly needed) reworked website. But even now, if you look at it, the URL is predictable.

Here is a list of all QNs links. Click on each to view it.

  • Volume 1, Issue #1 Topics: Tesa tape • Master the mister • Why single-ended amplifiers can sound so good • Why single-ended amplifiers can sound so bad • Bi-wiring • Room temp/humidity/Rives • The Concert Experience • Twenty Minutes vs. Two Hours to Nirvana? • Small, medium and large listening rooms • CES 2009 quick note • Laser distance measurers and levels • RTAs • House calls

  • Volume 1, Issue #2 Topics: A question about CD technology • Bi-wiring, part two • From common sense to sixth sense – Srajan Ebaen • Three common-sense tweaks • Tweaks to watch • Tweaks to try • Sensitivity to sensitivity? • Top 10 standards of quality for high-end audio retail specialists • Message boards • Sad, but true • Hourly rate for consulting

  • Volume 1, Issue #3 Topics: The top 3 tips I keep hearing about from readers • Vinyl 101 - A few tips on the return to vinyl – Jeff Dorgay • How to Eat an Elephant • Computers and Audio – Charles Hanson

  • Volume 1, Issue #4 Topics: From recent experience • On-the-job observations • The sound of rooms • Hard drive housekeeping • Ear protectors, new basement, fluorescent lights • AC polarity tip • Questions from Italy • Music review – Geoff Poor • Absolute polarity -- controversial, but worth checking out

  • Volume 2, Issue #1 Topics: The ACK Attack and un-common Knowledge • Basics re-visited  - a little more info: subwoofer set-up, speaker separation and staging, long wall or short wall?, affordable RTA, absolute phase/polarity, sliding base for spiked speakers, rack in the middle – AGAIN!, spikes – AGAIN! • Stacking the decks with DEQX • Demystifying room acoustic treatment

  • Volume 2, Issue #2 Topics: A reader teaches me a lesson – Computer Audio • New room designs • Set-up diagrams • Stereo subs • Audio forums • Back in the saddle again

  • Volume 2, Issue #3 Topics: The new Get Better Sound DVD! • Computer audio, part two - the sound, better recordings, more involving sound, Redbook CD, Pure Music, five easy pieces, computer hardware upgrades, interview with Rob Robinson – CEO of Pure Music

  • Volume 2, Issue #4 Topics: Get Better Sound DVD • Introducing RoomPlay™ • A surprising story about voicing • Room eq systems, and a brief story • How far is too far? • Uneven speaker wire lengths • Fuses as tweaks • Sliders • Degrees of separation • Subs for every system? • Computer audio and absolute polarity • Rack ‘em up one more time!

  • Interim Volume 3, Issue #1 Topics: Nothing much to see here – just a report about some health issues that were interfering with my work.

  • Volume 3, Issue #2 Topics: Health issues and your correspondence • It’s not just babies that take nine months – the 1st comprehensive GBS DVD review is born! • Best coupling to the floor • Speaker sliders – a better solution • When sound is foremost • Mini-breakthrough in my Computer Audio system – and a tip even if you don’t use computer audio but you have a TV connected to your system • Apology re: RTAs • Balanced outputs – better or worse? • When do the best measurements NOT yield the best musical involvement? • Another instance of technically correct set-up at the expense of the music • RoomPlay Reference™

  • Volume 3, Issue #3 Topics: Half Notes, anyone? • RoomPlay™ & RoomPlay Reference™ update • New – StraightTalk • The 83% rule – NOT! • Clever and entertaining blog • SPL meter • Full-range speakers need subs too… • Auto EQ & bass levels • How to voice subs (2, not 1, of course) with full range speakers • Listening seat not always against or near the back wall • Effects and proper usage of Tube Traps • My computer audio settings – NOT • Three good questions • Effects of ear wax • Near-field listening

  • Volume 3, Issue #4 Topics: Through the Sound Barrier • A different kind of Sound Barrier • Kickstarter

  • Volume 4, Issue #1 Topics: Our FIFTH Anniversary! • Internet message boards and a continuing invitation • System priorities • Organic EQ vs electronic EQ • Ultimate tweak for Macs when used as computer music servers? • Tweaksville • Latest developments with Through the Sound Barrier • Inside info about the delay

  • Volume 4, Issue #2 Topics: Hey, you're looking at it now!

Hope this interim info will be helpful until we get the website reworked!

Also, from time to time I get e-mails from folks that haven’t received the QNs. When I check our records, they were definitely sent. So that means the newsletter link is probably going into a spam/junk filter, either on your computer or maybe at your ISP. Or maybe you need to change your QNs e-mail address. If you can adjust your incoming mail to receive ALL mailings from js@getbettersound.com, that would help.