Quarter Notes 15 (Volume 4, Issue 3)

Updated: Sep 2, 2020

Dear Get Better Sound & Through the Sound Barrier owners,

Welcome to the fifteenth issue of Quarter Notes, published on April 22, 2014. Quarter Notes is a newsletter for Get Better Sound and Through the Sound Barrier owners, expanding on both, as well as introducing new and timely subjects.

Best email address

Since you’re reading this, the e-mail address with which I sent this QN must have worked. However, the only e-mail address I have is the one associated with your initial Get Better Sound or Through the Sound Barrier order. If you have an e-mail address that you’d prefer to use to receive Quarter Notes notifications, send it to js@getbettersound.com. Be sure to include the e-mail address I used originally, along with the one that you want to use to replace it.

Mail servers

After several issues with the outgoing mail servers on the site that we’ve always used to send the Quarter Notes and Breaking Through podcast announcements, we have decided to make a change. The announcement e-mail that you received was sent from our new mail server.

Light Harmonic Light Speed USB cable

This was an unexpected outcome, to be sure. I have been quite happy with my Transparent Audio USB cable. Never saw the need to change – music flowed beautifully. Why fix it if it ain’t broke?

When the folks at Light Harmonic offered to send me a sample (I didn’t ask – they contacted me), I said OK. Honestly speaking, I wasn’t exactly excited. But hey, I promised to give it a listen, so I did…

Lo & behold, it was better in every way. However, I have only had the original USB cable from Transparent. Their upper level models are even better, I am quite certain. I simply have not heard them.

The split USB LH Lightspeed cable is considerably more expensive. I was never a big believer in expensive USB cable differences. But anyone can hear this. It’s not subtle. For all that I know, my MBP Retina/Ayre QB-9 interface especially benefits from it.

If you can arrange a home trial, I highly recommend that you give the LH a try, and if that is more than you can spend, try one of more of the Transparent models.



Favorite audio blog

Most folks have a favorite. For a long time, mine has been Jeff’s Place. It’s not just because I know Jeff, nor is it solely because I have ALWAYS known him to a be a man of integrity, and not just because his site invites positive comments, instead of the annoying negativity that seems to appear most places these days.

I enjoy Jeff’s site because he is such an avid music lover and we share some tastes in music & equipment. His travel photography isn’t bad, either. :)

I keep forgetting to mention his site – but now that I have – check out Jeff’s Place:


Listening room dimensions

As requested:

I already told you a bit about my room issues in the latest Breaking Through podcast, as well as in the latest QNs. However, if you want still more to distract you from getting to your music, here ‘tis: 21’ x 18.5’ x 8.5’ … :)

Can't get no satisfaction?

Through the Sound Barrier is all about retrieving more of the emotional impact from your music – without changing components – and to deliver it at a consistently higher level. The goal is greater musical satisfaction.

It occurred to me some time ago that the work we (you and I) do on RoomPlay sessions has a similar ultimate goal. We want to increase your emotional involvement with your music.